Thursday, January 8, 2009


I stumbled across a message forum called Hillary's Village. Other than being generally pro-Hillary, I'm not quite sure how to pin it down politically. They have Sarah Palin in their banner, but they don't like Obama much.

One poster had a reaction to the Orly/address matter I shared in my last post, which may be my favorite crazy interpretation of that list of addresses:
Maybe these are relatives or friends of Obamas that are muslims and or illegals That are helping with the taking over of America for the NWO or NWA

Posted by Mrsawd, January 7, 2009

I know 'NWO' refers to the conspiracy-lovers' "New World Order," but what the heck is the NWA?


  1. They're a PUMA site. Claims to be pro-Hillary, except for that icky supporting Obama and party unity part. At this point it's less about Sen. Clinton and more about hating Obama.

    Like most PUMA sites, they give lip service to a fantasy version of Sen. Clinton, what I usually call "Blessed St. Hillary, Warrior/Martyr". This version of Sen. Clinton bears little to nothing in common with the real thing. They also have a fondness for Sarah Moosekiller, Huntress and Protector of the North.

  2. "but what the heck is the NWA?"

    A rap band from back in the day.

    Their probably thinking about the new No Quarters expose of Obama's plans to make Ice Cube head of the national security force....

  3. "New World Alliance"

  4. AHA, New World Alliance...I was also thinking, hmmm, rap band from the 80s?

  5. The National Wrestling Alliance, obviously.