Friday, January 9, 2009

UPDATED: Of Serious Concern

I don't have much commentary on this, other than to say that I disavow its position entirely, but I thought it should be preserved and shared, I didn't want to retype it myself (hence the actual screenshot), and at the time of this posting, the following post has not been deleted nor has the poster been chastised or banned by Berg's moderators:

Posted by GK Pace on

If the status of the above post and/or poster changes, I will share it. Until then, however, one can only assume that while it's a bannable offense on Berg's forum to question Phil Berg, the rhetoric seen above is apparently acceptable and tolerated.

Update, January 10: GK Pace's post has not been deleted, and I have not seen him warned by moderators. To the contrary, Linda Starr posted this, without mention of Pace:

"Please, if you see something objectionable posted here, let us know. One of us will handle it as soon as we are notified. We want this to be a positive experience for our supporters. It is our supporters who finance Phil's suit and makes possible the existence of this site and blog."

Presumably, the lack of response to GK Pace's post suggests that Berg & Co. do not consider his comments to be objectionable.


  1. Hi Loren, I have been on a site run by an Orly Taitz. I find some of the people on there pretty scary. I keep asking if she(Dr. Taitz) is a US national and can't get a reply. Normally I would not be concerned about her citizenship but she is openly calling for military members to disobey their commanders and to rebel if President-elect Obama takes office. I am trying to phrase her position politely. How do you check naturalization records? These people are not just voicing concerns. Some of them talk of mutiny and civil ware.

  2. Hey Mary
    I was commenting over there at Orly's nuthouse as well. They have now banned me. I'd guess for posting CA law demonstrating that publishing people's private info is decidedly NOT OK. LOL!