Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Ed Hale Update

The tension is building. 'Investigating Obama' has had multiple updates on the Ed Hale story today, and more are coming tonight. First we learned this:

As I mentioned, he has never expressed full confidence that the divorce decree indicated a Kenyan birth for BHO II. I.O. noted one element of discrepancy between 1/30 and 1/31, as to how Mr. Hale may have heard about "Kenyan," or not. Let's call it an example of what can happen in the "telephone game" and move on.

Posted on I.O., January 2

The lack of mention of a Kenyan birth is only "one element of discrepency"? That was the single and sole element that made the divorce papers newsworthy at all. If they're perfectly ordinary divorce papers, then what's the significance at all anymore?

2:25pm CT - Ed Hale has his FedEx package and has made sure that among others, attorney, Stephen Pidgeon is getting a copy. is to post it for public view at 8pm CT, tonight. Ed and others will be 'net audio-wise, too, as previously mentioned.

Posted on I.O., January 2

What will we learn at 8pm? Well, Arlen Williams, writer of I.O., states that he's seen the papers himself, and "I will say that this document is significant." Since he's all but ruled out any mention of a Kenyan birthplace, and isn't exactly ecstatic in his postings, what could possibly be significant? If you check out the comment sections, you'll see that even the sympathetic commenters are starting to turn on Hale and company at this point.


Update, just before 9pm (ET)

Over on Plains Radio, Ed Hale has been promising big things for the past hour. He says that some document he found had a new name on it that allowed his people to track down some other documents, which are supposedly explosive. Sample real-time commentary from

Ed Hale says he has the PROOF of KENYAN BIRTH...
written by Bill Severini, January 02, 2009
It's 7 PM ET, he says he has the PROOF that Obama was born in Kenya. He says he has the proof, but we'll have to see later when they post some info in a few hours. Tune in right now. He says they can prove that Obama was born in Kenya.

listen to plaines radio
written by charlene, January 02, 2009
I dunno if we should believe them, but they said that they have the proof but asking for the money

Steve Pidgeon will be on 8 PM...
written by Bill Severini, January 02, 2009
Steve Pidgeon will be on 8 PM to discuss the BOMBSh**l (as Ed is calling it), tune in to Plains Radio and let's see what this is all about it...Ed Hale is saying the Proof has arrived,

Looks legit
written by Ray Becker, January 02, 2009
Looks to me like Ed has something Legitimate.

I'll be covering whatever Ed finally produces in a separate post.

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