Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Proof (through the internet)"!

Someone made a big discovery, and announced it over on Stephen Pidgeon's website:
I found proof (through the internet) that a birth record was issued for Babyboy Obama, born at the state-supported hospital in Kenya to parents of British citizenship (Mr. & Mrs. Obama). I’m ready to go forth with this. Do you need a retainer (or Pro bono would be good !). Also, there are LOTS of published reports that Mrs. Obama did file for a Birth Certicate as soon as the plane landed in Hawaii (with baby Obama about a week old). So you can get on the internet & get the same proof that I have and give me a call 206-283-2113.

Posted by Paul LaVanway

Exciting stuff, no? I'm sure within a matter of days this remarkable new evidence will be released for public inspection.

Wait, what? You noticed I left off the date of Mr. LaVanway's post? My apologies:

PAUL LAVANWAY on January 1st, 2009 7:45 am

Ouch. Two weeks ago. And I can't say I've heard seen Mr. LaVanway's miracle evidence in that time. But that hasn't stopped folks over at Berg's from talking about his claim, even after a half-month of producing nothing:

"MommaE called and spoke to [LaVanway]. He was one of Stephen Pidgeon's plaintiff's. The information has been given to Phil and Lisa to look into."

Strangely, this same poster, Philadelphia Roof Doctor, seemed to hedge his own comments a little on the very next page:

"The guy is definitely legit - he was/is one of the plaintiffs in the Stephen Pidgeon case. He didn't and doesn't actually have the document. But, he did have some useful information that was passed on to Phil and Lisa."

If he doesn't have the document he originally claimed he found, then what makes him legit?

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