Monday, January 5, 2009

Barack Obama: Pakistani Drug Mule AND Grandson of Communists!

The Birther community has been agog for months with speculation over Obama's 1981 trip to Asia. Most of the focus has been on his stop in Indonesia, but over at, one poster has some thoughts on his stay in Pakistan:
Gotta tell ya, Laura, that it's POSSIBLE that the reason BHO wanted to travel to Pakistan in 1981 is b/c he was going to be bring drugs (coccain) back into the US. Remember Afghanistan (where's it's produced en ma*se) is very close to Pakistan. Barack had at least 2 Pakistani roommates at Columbia. At least one of them was, and I believe still is, a drug addict and sold drugs. Barack admitted to doing coke in college. Maybe he was distributing too. Maybe that's how he got some of the money he used to live on. Columbia Univ. tuition and living in NY was very expensive. Therefore, it would make logical sense that there COULD BE a reason BHO would WANT to use his Indonesian pa*sport/citizenship.

Posted by Karen, January 5, 2009

I suppose she thinks that stressing "POSSIBLE" makes it reasonable and okay to suggest that the man was not only a drug dealer, but engaged in international drug deals. This is apparently her way of being even-handed, in the same way it's only POSSIBLE that 'Karen' is a 49-year-old man who likes to pose as a woman on the internet.

A little further down, the same poster turns the spotlight on Obama's maternal grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham:
Personally, I believe that PART of the reason the Dunhams moved to Hawaii (where the CPUSA) was strong and Hawaii had just become a state . . .was b/c the Dunhams were secret/undercover Communists, CPUSA members and Hawaii was their next a*sIGNMENT.

I also believe that the Dunhams were "a*signed" to Washington State, as well. It's QUITE a coincidence that the Dunhams arrived in Wash. State SHORTLY before Ann was to attend Mercer Island HS which was overtly infiltrated and STAFFED with COMMUNISTS, real communists -- members of the CPUSA. I also find it ODD (and problematic) that the Dunhams CHOSE to attend the "communist church" -- "little red church on the hill"

Considering that Ann's HS friends described Ann as a pa*sionate athiest (in the 1950s) and a "fellow traveler" which IS CODE for COMMUNIST . . .it makes logical sense that ANN is very pursuaded by communism b/c HER PARENTS are communists too.

Posted by Karen, January 5, 2009

For those of you keeping track, Obama's family tree, according to the Birthers, has him with Arab heathens on his daddy's side, but godless sleeper commies on his mom's. I daresay I've never heard so much about a President's grandparents before. Though the conspiracy nuts did take aim at Prescott Bush for a while.

(Note: Berg's forums at have a bizarre profanity block that inserts astericks into even innocuous words, if the consecutive letters spell a swear. Hence, "passport" becomes "pa*sport," and "Michelle" becomes "Mich**le." I don't want readers thinking I edited in those astericks above.)

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    Got to your blog through the strangeness that is the blog of itooktheredpill. Your logical dismissal of his varying claims regarding Barack's ineligibility were a joy to read :-)

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