Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update: Ed Hale and the Obama Divorce Records

Yesterday's post on Ed Hale detailed some of the changes his story had already undertaken in its first few hours, and my original plan was to have a poll up today to predict what, if anything, we'd see tomorrow.

Well, I didn't need to wait:

In his 7:45pm Plains Radio broadcast, this last night, Ed Hale backed down from his prior assertion of having gained even uncertain information about the Barack Sr. / Stanley Ann divorce decree containing language referring to Barack Jr. as being born in Kenya. Instead, Hale referred to an apparently tricky recollection... of an indeterminate person... referring to such a document's generally referring to the place of birth of the children of the divorced parents...

Two people reported during the broadcast that they had contacted Hale's private investigator yesterday, who indicated he did not thoroughly read the documentation and does not know how it addresses Barack Obama Jr. -- nor did he make a copy for himself.

Posted on 'Investigating Obama', January 1

At this rate, if anything at all is produced tomorrow, it'll be pencil-scribbled notes on the back of a gas receipt, supposedly transcribed by the PI as he looked at a phantom document that he wasn't allowed to copy or photograph.


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