Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Birth and Death of a Conspiracy Theory

Over on, a poster named Mop saw this article about the Obama family's Christmas vacation in Hawaii, and drew this conclusion from it:

I had a thought. Barry's coming back from a 12 day "vacation" in Hawaii. Makes sense, after the Election.
But didn't he want to move into the Blaire House 2 weeks early, so his kids could start school? Why the sudden change of mind? Why aren't his kids in school now? Why are they in Hawaii? Why is HE in Hawaii?
SO much for the "vacation" theory. Barry's a worse liar than OJ.

Posted by Mop,, January 1

It didn't take long for another poster to point out the factual and logical fallacies here. Why aren't the Obama girls in school now? Possibly because it's New Year's Day, when all schools are still out for the holidays, and school doesn't begin until January 5. Obama did indeed request to move into the Blair House early, but the request was for two weeks before the traditional January 15.

To his/her credit, Mop promptly withdrew the accusation (though denying that the accusation was a conspiracy theory). But how quickly a misunderstanding of dates and a failure to recognize standard school schedules can suddenly give a simple family vacation a secret agenda with ulterior motives and cover-ups.

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  1. And of course as we all know now, the Obama children started to school on schedule.