Sunday, January 4, 2009

O Really, Orly?

Orly Taitz, a lawyer/dentist who is behind at least two of the citizenship cases against Obama (Keyes v. Bowen and Lightfoot v. Bowen), posted this wonderful bit of urban legend on her website today:
Madelyn Dunham's brother dies right before the election

This is what I got from a reader, Buelah

"according to the Seattle times Mr Payne died 22 Oct 2008 this was on going to the full obit it was titled Obama grandmother helped mold candidates character"

I am really concerned about all of these coincidences, that all of BO's family dies. Even his uncle, Charles Payne, Madelyn Payne Dunham's brother dies right before the election.

Posted by Orly Taitz, on January 4, 2009

Notice that Taitz doesn't even question whether or not 'Buelah's intel is accurate. She automatically takes it at face value, and proceeds to tie it into a larger conspiracy. She doesn't even bother to look up the Seattle Times article that 'Buelah' (really? Not 'Beulah'? Huh) cites. She's even made a follow-up post on the same subject, expanding her conspiracy theory:

The Seattle times ran an article showing Charles Payne, Madelyn Payne Dunham's brother dying Oct 22, 2008
I just remembered reading Larry Sinclair's article on Citizen Wells. According to Larry, an employee of the mortuary stated to him that Madelyn Dunham has died on Oct 22. Did anybody see Madelyn Dunham alive after October 22?

Posted by Orly Taitz, January 4, 2009

Not surprisingly, the Seattle Times article in question is readily found with a single Google search: Seattle Times: "Obama's grandmother helped mold candidate's character," October 22, 2008.

Does the article say that Charles Payne died? No. Nothing even close to that. Here's what it has on Mr. Payne:

"I think she [Madelyn Dunham] thinks she was important in raising a fine young man," said Charles Payne, 83, from his Chicago home. "I doubt if it would occur to her that he would go this far this fast. But she's enjoyed watching it."

Although she was too ill to travel for the campaign, she followed it closely on television — even undergoing a corneal transplant earlier this year so she could watch the coverage.

"She was almost totally blind," Payne said. "She's not physically able to" campaign, he said, "but it doesn't mean her interest has flagged."

That's it! No death, just a couple of quotes from Mr. Payne about his sister. A cursory glance at the article would have told Taitz this, but even with the newspaper and article title provided to her, she didn't bother to double-check it. She was spoon-fed bad info, and she ate it up without so much as pausing to verify its accuracy. Her blog seems to have the quality control level of 8th grade girls' gossip.

And this is Taitz's reliability when she actually CITES a real source. It's best not to think about how much faith to instill in her when she DOESN'T cite a source.

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