Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barack Obama: Muslim Landowner

The latest from Orly Taitz is her new hang-up on this ridiculously long list of properties supposedly associated with Obama or his mom. She doesn't say where the list came from, which might help to explain why so many of the entries Seriously, "123 White House, Irving, California"?

There's no point in going over that list without at least knowing its origin, but she did subsequently single out one entry in a way that caught my attention:
Street Address - 1603 RUCKER RD
City, State, Zip - ALPHARETTA GA 30004-1435
Probable Current Address - No
Telephone -
Telephone Accountholder -
Social Security - 579-02-xxxx
Age -
Date of Birth -
Deceased - No
Date Record Verified - Feb 08 - Aug 08

Ok I checked on the above address because I know the area and there is no 1603 Rucker Road shown on the tax appraiser web site HOWEVER there is an Islamic Center of North Fulton Inc. showing ownership of two properties on the same road at 1255 and 1265 Rucker Road as well as a man by the name of Hussain Mohammed Shahib and Shaiman Bano showing ownership of the properies located at 1380 1410 and 1420 Rucker Road now I will drive up to the 1603 address sometime tomorrow and see if it exists or not but this is a strange coincidence yes?”

Posted by Orly Taitz, July 7, 2009

I live several miles from Alpharetta, so that at least piqued my interest. But what I found hilarious here was the MUSLIM! accusations that Orly found meritorious enough to repost on the front page of her blog.

Apparently, Orly finds it 'strangely coincidental' that there's an Islamic Center located half a mile away from an alleged and unconfirmed address of Obama's. And just as spooky, two guys with Muslim-sounding names might actually own property nearby! Oooohhh!!!

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