Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Civil War? Seriously?

It'd be all too easy to fill space here with posts from Stormfront and its ilk. But what's the entertainment value in spotlighting the crazy theories of racists? I'm sure I'll get some good material out of them from time to time, but it'll have to be exceptional to merit any attention.

And so it kinda disappoints me that a couple of folks over at obamacrimes.us, particularly Berg associate Linda Starr, have started sounding more than a bit like Stormfront posters in their rhetoric:

"Well, since you read X-Rays, I imagine you will be extra busy from the injuries of the Civil War that is coming.

"Mark my words, a Civil War is coming. We are not starting it, but when the Blacks start their threatened race riots because Barry is found ineligible by the SCOTUS and removed, people who support upholding the Constitution WILL fight back. And some will shoot back...so I wouldn't be hoping for that if I were you. You think we're zealots and lunatic fringe? What would you call the Founding Father's of this nation? I guess you'd call them zealots and lnatic fringe, too?

"It took a whole lot less than threats of race riots to start the American Revolution or the Civil War. Do you think people are not prepared to fight and take this country back? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Desperate people who are armed will fight back. You doubt people will fight? It's called self preservation. Barry has done more to harm race relations in this country than almost anyone, except for that mean wife of his. The fact that it has been discovered he is not a legal citizen will destroy the chances of any Black becoming president for the next 40 years. He is personally undoing every bit of positive progress made by people like Martin Luthor King. Blacks are threatening violence and race riots once he is unmasked as ineligible?

"You better, as a doctor, get down on your knees and pray Phil is successful and the remedy is peaceable because patriotic citzens won't be blackmailed just to let an illegal Black become president."

Posted by Linda Starr, January 5, 2009

...and even more disturbing...
"They are doing their best to portray him as the new Messiah. Well if this is the Second Coming he is in deep trouble. We know how the First Coming turned out for the Messiah." (emphasis added by me)

Posted by Linda Starr, January 5, 2009

Linda's veering dangerously close to being accused of making threats, methinks.


  1. Not being American, I can't really understand the obsession that some have with "upholding the Constitution". But I guess its used as another reason to justify extreme behaviour, just like some people use religion.

  2. By planting the idea that riots will ensue if Obama is not confirmed as president, the fiction that THIS is the reason the Supreme Court failed to act in Berg's favor is promoted. That is Berg's case is true and righteous, but the Supreme Court, to save the country from bloodshed, ignored that fact.

  3. Dr, I bet they will go there, no doubt. They are also already claiming today that Phil is filing 2 MORE lawsuits (maybe now he's actually TRYING to get disciplined?) AND that Fitz is going to arrest Obama and then (according to Linda) he'll have to be locked up forever because he knows super-secret intelligence stuff--that is if GK Pace's fantasy doesn't come true, which I won't even repeat here because it's too offensive and a federal crime!!

  4. February 2009 and still no civil war, amazing isn't it?