Friday, January 23, 2009

Linda's Big News!

I held onto this for a couple of days, but now the time is ripe. The ever-reliable Linda Starr had some big news on Tuesday:
Important announcements...if you missed Phil on the radio tonight!
Second, how many of you picked up on what Phil said on tonight's radio show about the FOIA confirming Barry never had an American passport under the name of Barack Obama until hsi diplomatic passport issued as a US Senator? Do you understand and comprehendc the enormity of that announcement? Do you all realize what it means? I can tell you now that is one part of several pieces of good news we had the other day that I hinted at and could not reveal. That information confirms Barry had to renew an Indonesian passport to go to Pakistan in 81. That means Barry swore an Oath of Allegiance to Indonesia and had to renoucne all other allegiances to get that passport. This is independent confirmation of information we've had and from OUR OWN State Department, Barry couldn't go to Pakistan on an American passport if he didn't have one.

That's amazing! That's so amazing, in fact, that I have no doubt that Phil Berg would not hesitate to post such explosive documentation on his website within moments of its receipt.

Of course, I'm sure the niggling detail that it's now Thursday and we still haven't seen this very-much-real paperwork isn't important. It's not like Phil Berg has a history of claiming to have documents that he never ends up producing.
There are so many amazing pieces of good news coming in. I wish I could tell you all about it...

I may have some very interesting information for everyone tomorrow. Tune in. Hehehe.

written by Linda Starr, January 20, 2009

It's now January 23. Still nothing. Good thing Linda hedged herself with that "may." It gives her the ability to claim that she didn't actually lie.


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  2. New here. Enjoying the site. If you haven't seen this, you might appreciate it:

  3. cleduc,

    That link's much appreciated here - thanks!

  4. The GOP on June 9, 2008 sent a research team to Mombasa, Kenya and
    located the Certificate Registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at Maternity Hospital, to his father, a Kenyan Citizen and his mother, a U.S. Citizen.

    Affidavit of Ms Sarah Hussein Obama by Bishop Ron McRae that Sarah was present and witnessed the birth of Obama Jr in Kenya, Africa and that Testimony by Sarah has been taken.
    Page 6

  5. So they did find this document and then decided to what? allow a nation to vote for a candidate who is not eligible. Do these people think, ever?

  6. Mary, not when it's easier to simply cut and paste.

    (And hello Volubrjotr - taking a break from IO?)

    Even the first search result on Google comes back with this:

    "GOP dirty tricks operatives dispatched to Kenya to dig up any useful 'dirt' on Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Jr., and his late Kenyan father Barack Obama, Sr., believe they have found a 'smoking gun.' In this case, it is a birth certificate from the Kenyan city of Mombasa registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr., on August 4, 1961. However, the registration is a common practice in African countries whose citizens abroad have families with foreign nationals. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to his Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas, and Barack Obama, Sr., of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Kenya. Obama's parents were enrolled at the University of Hawaii. They divorced when Barack Obama was two years old."

    Please note the part that says Obama was born in Hawaii.


  7. As always leaving things out. My late father used to tell us, when we gave him some half truth to evade responsibility, that sins of omission were worse than sins of commission. We attempted to use the truth to further a lie. That is what is happening here.

  8. Yeah, I know what it means. Somebody's lying. You can't file a FOIA request on a LIVING person for passport records at the State Department (I've been all over those regulations). So anybody tells you they have FOIA info on Barack Obama's passports, you know they don't have jack.

    So let's see the FOIA response. Bah.