Friday, January 9, 2009


Quotes like this are why this blog exists:
I can a*sure you, USA today doesn't rely on Internet Blogs for research. If you think that is the basis for Phil's suit, you are mistaken. I know things because I do the research behind them.

Written by Linda Starr, on, January 09, 2009

Phil doesn't rely on internet sources for his suit? Let's take a look at Phil's Complaint, filed August 21, 2008. And just so there's no confusion, I'm linking to (and quoting) the Complaint posted directly on Berg's website. So here's Berg's evidence, in Berg's own words, as filed by Berg in U.S. District Court.

Berg cites Wikipedia and Italian Wikipedia as sources:

"Upon investigation into the birth of Barack Hussein Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama’s birth is reported as occurring at two (2) separate hospitals, Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital. Wikipedia English Version under the subject “Barack Obama” states Obama was born at Kapiolani Hospital. Wikipedia Italian Version under the subject “Queens Hospital” states Barack Obama was born in Queens Hospital."
- Berg's Complaint, Paragraph 18, p. 5.

Berg cites unidentified internet "references":

"There are further references circulating on the internet claiming examination of the hospital’s records in Hawaii show no birthing records for Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama), Obama’s mother."
- Paragraph 19, p. 5.

Berg cites a piece written by a 9/11 truther, republished on the website Online Journal:

"Wayne Madsen, Journalist with Online Journal was a contributing writer and published an article on June 9, 2008 stating the GOP sent a research team to Mombasa, Kenya and located a Certificate Registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at a Maternity Hospital, to his father, a Kenyan Citizen and his mother, a U.S. Citizen."
- Paragraph 20, p. 6.

Berg cites a phony Canadian birth certificate "posted on the Internet":

"There is a Canadian Birth Certificate posted on the Internet in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.; however, the date of birth shows to be August 23, 1961."
- Paragraph 22, p. 6.

Berg quotes blogger Andy Martin:

"Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin states Obama has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. Andy Martin further states on Obama’s Senate web site, Obama tap dances around his own dual nationality when discussing his father."
- Paragraph 23, p. 6.

Berg actually goes so far as to cite internet RUMOR as a source:

"Additionally, there is rumor circulating on the Internet that his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, adopted Obama."
- Paragraph 26, p. 7.

And finally, Berg cites three anonymous dudes who posted on the internet:

"However, as posted all over the internet, three (3) independent Document Forensic Experts performed extensive Forensic testing on the Certificate of Live Birth posted on Obama’s campaign website."
- Paragraph 35, p. 10.

That's some stellar research there, Linda and Phil. I'd praise your Google skills, but a halfway decent Google researcher would have still been able to identify some source URLs to include in the pleadings. And even the most minimally competent internet sleuth would never, ever resort to explicitly citing "rumor" as a source.


  1. The nation owes more than thanks to three unlikely modern day patriots: professional poker player, musician, and retired attorney, Leo Donofrio; life long Democrat and former Pennsylvania assistant attorney general, Phil Berg; and Soviet emigree and attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz (she’s also a dentist).

    While Mr. Donofrio painstakingly established the airtight case that BHO could not be an Article II “natural born citizen” (at BHO’s birth, dad was British/Kenyan, not American, citizen) Leo’s Stay of the 12/15/08 electoral college vote was denied by SCOTUS as procedurally unripe.

    Nevertheless, since no congressman and senator objected on 1/8/09 to Congress’ count and certification of the electoral vote which would have turned resolution of Obama’s eligibility issue over to Congress — rendering moot the Berg and Taitz (Lightfoot) cases — Berg finally does achieve standing on the issue of actual harm, to be addressed at the Friday 1/9/09 SCOTUS Conference on Writ of Certiorari. Obama’s failure to submit evidence of his constitutional qualification for the 1/9/09 conference will mean he cannot thereafter challenge Berg’s request to enjoin the 1/8/09 Congressional electoral count and certification, albeit retroactive, scheduled for SCOTUS conference Friday 1/16/09. Moreover, Chief Justice Roberts has scheduled a full Court conference on the Lightfoot case Friday 1/23/09 in the event there needs to be a Constitutionally mandated action, the Inauguration itself, to enjoin retroactively.

    Now that BHO is in checkmate and cannot be POTUS, he can be a patriot as well. He need not subject the nation to the expense and trauma of requiring SCOTUS to overrule his ‘Presidency’. BHO can and should voluntarily step down with Biden becoming Acting POTUS under the 20th Amendment, and under the agreement all potential claims by the Government for itself and on behalf of others against BHO are released.

  2. While Mr. Donofrio painstakingly established the airtight case that BHO could not be an Article II “natural born citizen”...

    I think the simple fact that no person in authority, neither Republican nor Democrat, neither executive nor representative nor judicial official, takes Mr. Donofrio's argument seriously or has taken his side publicly, stands as rather strong evidence that Mr. Donofrio's argument is somewhat less than "airtight."

    And while I'm not sure what makes them "unlikely" patriots, the opinions of a professional poker player, a 9/11 Truther, and a woman who got her law degree from an online university don't add up to much.

  3. Hey, crazy Ted showed up!

    Congratulations Loren...this means you're on their radar.

  4. Good to hear, Sluggo.

    And hey Ted, is there any chance you might have any response to the actual content of this here particular post? Any thoughts on Linda's assertion that Phil doesn't rely on sketchy internet sources, when in fact Phil REPEATEDLY and EXPLICITLY relies on sketchy internet sources? Heck, any thoughts on Phil's rather frequent reliance on sketchy internet sources, rather than real trustworthy ones?

  5. Ted--


    I have a sneaking suspicion that you are!

  6. Appears allison, SluggoJD, & Loren give little credence to Affidavits that support the allegations of Kenya Birth.

    Keep in mind, Kenya Birth, COLB, are neither representative of a USA Original Vault Birth Certificate.

    'rumors' as these inept trisomies have called 'probable cause', clearly shows how far down the intellect chain these monkeys have fallen.

    Maybe I'll explain this process in terms for couch potatoes:
    "When you got an all-out prizefight, you wait until the fight is over, one guy is left standing. 'N' that's how you know who won."
    Chicago's Al Capone

  7. And what affidavits would those be? Ron McRae and Kweli Shuhubia? Two suspiciously-similar affidavits that inaccurately describe their end of an international phone call, with one of those affidavits apparently being signed with a pseudonym?

    Also of note, the "affidavit" of the guy identified as Kweli Shuhubia isn't notarized (kinda a requirement in affidavits), and it's signed with a cut-and-pasted jpeg of a signature, not an actual signature. take those seriously?

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