Sunday, January 4, 2009

Does Orly Taitz Censor Her Comments?

Once Orly Taitz made her second misinformed post about Charles Payne, I took the opportunity to post the first comment in the thread, linking to the article she was citing and disproving what she claimed it said. I posted the following:

Do I have any newspaper articles from October 21-22? Yes. I have the exact Seattle Times article you (and Buelah) are referencing:

IT DOESN'T SAY THAT CHARLES PAYNE DIED. To the contrary, it has a couple of quotes from Mr. Payne regarding his sister.

So even though you say "The Seattle times ran an article showing Charles Payne, Madelyn Payne Dunham's brother dying Oct 22, 2008," that's completely false. You obviously haven't even looked at the article you're talking about, and yet you're citing it as a source. Heck, you've already made TWO posts about it, without doing even any cursory research or fact-checking.

It's harsh, I know. But it's completely true; she clearly hadn't read the article she was relying on. The second post in the thread was something of a response to mine, saying that if he's alive, then he can be contacted.

So I went to supper, and when I got home, both my comment and the second comment have disappeared. If I didn't know better, I'd say Ms. Taitz was censoring her comment threads.

To test this theory, I reposted my comment, and this time, I took a screenshot for good measure:

Now to sit back and see if this comment disappears too.


  1. Hi Loren,

    Thanks to Patrick at YFD, I found your site. Keep up the good work!

    John Dean

  2. Same here Loren. Linked from Patrick's site.

    By chance, did you recently post over at CrazyTown (obamacrimes) as 'Loren'? If so, glad to see you got banned or whatever by them :P, and started your own blog. Go boy.

    Keep writing, we'll keep reading/commenting.

  3. Yet another reader from YTD. I don't know how you people can stand to wade through the shit these nuts spew, but I'm glad somebody is keeping track of this bullshit.

  4. "By chance, did you recently post over at CrazyTown (obamacrimes) as 'Loren'?"

    Yep, that's me. About a day after I went through Berg's complaint and, item-by-item, showed how much of his 'evidence' he hasn't produced since August, my posting account was suddenly deactivated. I e-mailed the webmaster to ask if this was a ban, and why, but I haven't gotten a response.

    And thanks for the kind words, everybody.

  5. Orly deletes my comments all the time...

  6. To answer your question, yes, Dr. Orly AND her Zampolit Robert Stevens happily delete any comment that doesn't confirm to the party line.

    But they don't delete the replies from the party faithful to those posts, and sometimes Political Officer Stevens will post one of the "O-Bot" posts and use it as a strawman to attack the poster without giving them the courtesy of a reply or defense.

  7. I tried to post twice on Schreiber's "America's Right" blog telling about a piece of research which should be of much relevant interest to readers there: the first detailed, accurate, transcription of the entire phone call between "Bishop" Ron McRae and Barack Obama's step-grandmother Sarah Obama of Kenya of Oct. 16, 2008. That phone call, and Berg's flawed partial transcription that he has put out, is THE sole piece of alleged evidence claimed by Berg and others in support of their claim that Obama was born in Kenya. The full and accurate transcription shows this phone call has been misrepresented. A 27-page footnoted transcription with detailed research on that phone call is available on (search "Obama Kenya phone call" at that site; it is $2.00 to download). My attempt to report the availability of this important information damaging to Berg's claims is apparently not allowed to appear in the comments on America's Right which has been friendly with Berg. Loren, could you possibly spring for the $2.00 and review this document here on your blog, thereby letting people know it exists?

  8. I can assure you without any question, Orly censors her comment threads. (Been there, disappeared that). Also what happened to me was a comment I left there became a feature article: Disinformation Right Here on our Blog, along with a ridicule-style commentary. I made a very balance and reasonable reply that was left on for a couple of days, and then disappeared.

  9. Scroller, see my book review of the transcript here:

  10. Thanks Dr. Conspiracy. And excellent website you have there.