Monday, October 15, 2012

Joel Gilbert vs. The Complete Exotique

I previously said that there was more to come on Joel Gilbert and his "Dreams From My Real Father," and this is the latter of those follow-ups.

There were some people who still doubted that Gilbert's pictures actually did appear in 1958. And so, I procured a copy of The Complete Exotique, and in the video below I flip through the pages of the book itself to show the photos and their publication dates. If it still proves necessary, I can also scan in pages from the books themselves.

Needless to say, Joel Gilbert's credibility is undeniably shot. Anyone who trusted him or gave him the benefit of the doubt should be taken advantage of.

UPDATE: It seems my video must have upset Mr. Gilbert, who filed a takedown notice with YouTube, presumably because my video criticizing his movie included a short clip from his advertisement in order to show the false claims he's making.

No worries, though. I'd already planned on uploading a shorter version of the ad that got to the books faster (I recognized that eight minutes made for a long video). And here it is:

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