Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Polland Is Polarik

My identification of pseudo-expert 'Ron Polarik' as statistician/self-proclaimed dating expert Ron Polland has drawn plenty of attention, but also questions about how I can so conclusively state that they are the same person. After all, my post largely consisted of my declaration that they were one and the same, with their similar names and resumes presented as the only real connection between the two. I initially held back additional evidence in anticipation of Polarik's reaction to my announcement, and now that he has reacted, I offer my proof that they are one and the same.

The initial finding that caused me to draw a connection between 'Polarik' and Ron Polland was this: On June 18, 2008, Polarik made a post on the forums. Two months earlier, on April 4, 2008, a poster with the handle of "DrRJP" posted at

Both posts were strongly anti-Obama, while expressing only reluctant support for McCain. Both made Obama's position on Israel a high priority. Both spoke of Obama participating in fundraisers for Islamic causes. Both criticized Obama for his gradual distancing of himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Both criticized Obama for calling his grandmother a "typical white woman."

And then there was this:

Posted by Polarik:
This fool is totally convinced that his silver tongued rhetoric can sway terrorists as easily as he swayed Democrats and media pundits. It is the height of hubris and chutzpah to think that the most pernicious and persistent enemy to human freedom can be won over with dialogue.

The "Change" that Obama preaches will be one from democracy to demagogery. Heck, this election is not a choice between the "lesser of two evils, "but the choice between someone who will resist evil and someone who will capitulate to it.

Posted by Polland:
Obama is totally convinced that his silver tongued rhetoric can sway terrorists as easily as he sway voters. It is the height of hubris and chutzpah to think that the most pernicious and persistent enemy to human freedom can be won over with dialogue.

The "Change" that Obama preaches will be one from democracy to demagogery. This election is not a choice between the lesser of two evils, but the choice between someone who will resist evil and someone who will capitulate to it.

At the absolute minimum, 'Polarik' is blatantly plagiarizing Polland. The word "demagogery" is even misspelled the same way both times.

Note, however, that this post of Polarik's came only five days after his first appearance on 'Polarik' did not start calling himself 'Ron' until August. He did not claim a doctorate until September. And he did not claim degrees in "Instructional Systems" and "Educational Research," the specific degrees possessed by Polland, until December.

So 'Polarik' did not start trotting out personal details that mirrored Polland's until, at the earliest, two months after his post at Polarik cannot claim ignorance of Polland; he was already copying his writing in June 2008. So either he stole his identity, and chose to do so by copying his writing months before he borrowed additional personal info, or they are, and always were, the same person.

So that was the starting point. It was this that allowed me to identify Polland's pre-Polarik online handles, DrRJP and DocRJP.

So what else connects the two?

First, Polarik posted comments on several websites that were able to confirm his IP address. Polland lives in the same metropolitan area associated with this IP address.

Second, both Polland and Polarik have very strong and very similar opinions on Israel. Israel is easily the second most common subject of Polarik posts at FreeRepublic, behind Obama's eligility. Polland has submitted multiple letters to the editor of the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union on the subject of Israel. One letter of Polland's was so inflammatory that the paper actually apologized for running it:
Misinformation, acrimony and a personal attack that could inspire fear for one's safety, marked a recent exchange of letters to the editor. It was typical fodder for the Internet, but a disappointing lapse in the Times-Union's editing process...

There followed a response letter, which Zogby claims was inaccurate, a personal attack on him and perhaps even dangerous in that it could incite those prone to hate crimes to seek him out.

Written by Ron Polland, the letter criticized Zogby for ignoring the fact that terrorists have used American passports to infiltrate Israel. He accused Zogby of "writing denigrating and inflammatory comments about Israel," and much more.

"Shame on him," Zogby said of Polland, a researcher at the University of North Florida who has written several letters critical of Muslims and Palestinians.

"This is the kind of bizarre ranting that occurs on a blog," Zogby said, asking for an apology.

"When it is in print, it has more merit and it should be viewed differently," he said. "I know you have standards. Someone didn't review it carefully."

Mike Clark, editorial page editor, said he regretted the failure to more carefully screen the letter.

In fact, what Polland described as the Palestine Human Rights Commission was actually known as the Palestine Human Rights Campaign...

Polland insisted on the veracity of the things he wrote. Asked to provide references for his assertions, Polland sent links to seven partisan Web sites, including one for the columnist Michelle Malkin. Those sites can be found by entering Zogby's name on a search engine.

"The blogosphere is the source of truth where people can really find out what is going on," Polland said.

Echoes of Polarik's online style abound, don't they?

Third, Polland is 61. Polarik has described his age as "I got my Masters degree before Krawetz was born, and my Doctorate while he was still in grade school," which puts him in his 60s.

Fourth, Polland has degrees in Educational Research and Instructional Systems. Polarik has claimed identical degrees in Educational Research and Instructional Systems. Additionally, Polland is a statistician with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and Polarik has claimed (apparently false) graduate degrees in Statistics and Psychology.

Fifth, Polland's first name is Ronald. Polarik has said that his real first name is Ronald.

Sixth, both Polland and Polarik have identified themselves as being Jewish.

Seventh, both Polland and Polarik have been occasional commenters at These two posts, for instance, involve both Polland and Polarik discussing how the Muslim concept of 'taqiyya' can allow Obama to be a secret Muslim through public deception.

Eighth, both Polland and Polarik are fans of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Coincidence, ridiculously overzealous impersonation, or same person? Take your pick.

Ninth, both Polland and Polarik are advocates and defenders of Bulgaria. See #8.

Tenth, and finally, you can actually listen to and compare audio of Polarik and audio of Polland, and watch video of Polarik and video of Polland:

In the 48 hours since my post went online naming Polarik, he has not had much to say on the subject. His only post on the subject had this to say: "Are they saying that I swiped his identity, now? I’ve heard this before. The trolls have been saying for a year now that I have a phony PhD, but this guy’s got a real one." Not a firm, outright denial, but he does refer to Polland as "this guy."

However, that was Polarik's public response. He was not so careful with his words elsewhere. After my post went online, a link to it was sent to Polarik by Steve "koyaan" Eddy, and Polarik responded:

Polarik's response: "Nice try, but that's not who I am."

If true, then Polarik has, for the past year, conducted the most unnecessarily elaborate impersonation of another person that I imagine any of us have ever witnessed. "It was coincidence" is simply not an option, especially after the common writing. And if Polarik is confessing to having effectively impersonated another man for the past year, he's confessing to a most elaborate lie.

Unfortunately, it's not that elaborate. The truth is that when Polarik wrote back "That's not who I am," he was unambiguously, flat-out lying. Ron Polarik is Ron Polland, despite his claim to the contrary. And Ron Polland is Ron Polarik. Once again Polarik has demonstrated his willingness to lie in the face of blatant fact. In only five words Polarik has successfully managed to demonstrate his capacity for dishonesty in even the most straightforward of situations.

Consequently, his 'research' must be viewed through the lens of the fact that it was conducted by a non-expert in computer matters who has a strong history of lying and misrepresenting facts, even about himself. This is precisely the reason why 'TechDude' was summarily dismissed ans non-credible and untrustworthy as soon as he was exposed last year. And it's precisely the reason why 'Polarik' should receive exactly the same treatment now.


  1. Again, excellent work, Loren. Rock solid.

  2. Very convincing. Well researched.

    Further, in the previous thread, someone posted a link to a court filing by Phil Berg dated Thursday, July 30, that pretty much concedes that Polarik is Polland.

  3. This is truly wonderful research. I think we have passed the standard of reasonable doubt.

    Now, while we're associating, do you think that Polland is also the the anonymous intelligence investigator that wrote this:

  4. Personally, I don't think it reads like Polland's writing. It's more organized than his 'reports' have been, for instance.

    If I had to take a shot in the dark, and accuse an existing prominent Birther of writing that, my first guess is 'Judah Benjamin.' But that's just a guess, based on a little similarity in style and citation that is hardly unique.

  5. Taitz is reporting that "document expert Ron Polrik" is now her facebook friend:

    Amazingly, "Ron Polrik" currently has four facebook friends:
    * Orly Taitz
    * Phil Berg
    * Ronald Jay Pollard
    * Phil Berg (Phil apparently has two profiles)

    First rule of Facebook: Never link your fake profile to your real profile.

    Second rule of Facebook: If you must so link, never use the same picture for both profiles.


  6. Well clearly, someone just created that Facebook page to mimic him.

    Perhaps the poster just above this comment.

  7. Beautiful work. Excellent research.

    I’ve been poking around the Ron Polland/DrRJP postings. In one of his comments on HuffPo, posting as DrRJP, he even brings up the birth certificate (responding to a Joshuah Bearman column that noted that Obama had produced his birth certificate):
    "’That's an internet rumor,’ I say. ‘Obama produced his birth certificate.’
    Not on this Planet, he didn't. Which part of ‘Obama has never shown his real, PAPER, original, long-form birth certificate to anyone’ did you NOT understand?
    Which part of ‘Obama has never shown a real, PAPER, Certification of Live Birth to anyone’ did you NOT understand? "

    Note similarity to Polarik’s language:
    "Are you always this far off the mark? First of all, Which part of ‘Obama refuses to show his current birth record,’ did you NOT understand? "
    "Exactly which part of ‘No one here has ever said anything about a document being forged’ did you NOT understand? "
    "In other words,’Which part of this caveat did the ‘birther’ critics NOT understand? "
    "Which part of ‘the f*cking numbers you wrote in there with your crfayon are not even typed on a straight line !’ did you NOT understand? "
    "Obama has never shown his real, paper birth certificate"
    "Obama NEVER released a genuine copy of his actual Certification of Live Birth to anyone. "

    In general, aside from the presence of identical phrases and sentences, authorship identification analysis – based on function words, common ‘unstable’ words (i.e. words where different authors prefer different synonyms), and syntactic features (parts of speech, punctuation, etc.) – generally assigns Polarik writings to Polland/DrRJP (when given a choice between Polland and a set of random blog authors). Though the identification isn’t completely definitive, in part because Polland’s writing style seems to be unusually labile across time (from mid-90’s to the present) and genres (formal reports versus informal blog comments, etc.).

    In addition to Berg, Linda Starr may be implicitly confirming the identity (though I’m not sure about this):

    Here’s an entry (April, 2007) from when Polland was looking at moving to Orlando:

    The following is speculative – but it looks like Polland might have became hyper-religious and gone off the deep end following the loss of his job, then the breakup of his marriage.

    That might explain the sharp change in both the content and style of his writing – between the mid/late 90’s versus more recent material. His mid-90’s writings/postings appear friendly, relaxed, potentially even somewhat socially liberal – compared to the hostility and hyper-hawkish pro-Israeli content of his current writing. Even his fundamental sentence structure has shifted (e.g. more run-on sentences with lots of commas).

    Incidentally, I noticed that between yesterday and today, Polland removed all professional material from his Dr RJP Consulting site and put up an odd anti-Obama WorldNetDaily article:


  8. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if these jokers have some sort of contract with World Nut Daily.

  9. My authentic Kenyan birth certificate is here. I was born in Mombasa, as some people in the States claim President Obama was. We are very proud that a son of Kenya is your president. The denizens of your country are most fortunate. Please peruse it:

  10. LOL, without paying a visit to your link, some people might think you were trolling.

    Me, I'm having another wonderful battle with insomnia.

    Very funny - I've always wanted my own Kenyan birth certificate...well, just in case.

  11. Polland/Polarik who cares...plenty of writers have non de plumes and anonymous posting, forumming, and blogging raised pen names to an art form called "user names". You're barking up the wrong false identity tree, because if Polland/Polarik bothers you enough to expose him, why not focus on someone with numerous aliases that really matters ie. Obama/Soetero/Soebarkah/Bounel? If true, then O.whodat has, for the past years when he was beamed up on the political scene, has conducted the most orchestrated, elaborate and criminal impersonation of whoever he is,"that I imagine any of us have ever witnessed." Chase Bark's "tail" aka Barack Barry Harrison Hussein Mohammad J.Obama Soetero Bounel for awhile with the same fervor as you "exposed" Ron Ron Polland Polarik and you might be on to something.