Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barack Obama Was Born in Hawaii

Four years ago last Friday, the Birther 'movement' effectively began, as the web began demanding to see Obama's birth certificate. Four years ago today, it was published online. And yet today, Birthers continue to issue demands, and continue to claim that others have accepted Obama's birthplace on "blind faith."

Of course, it's anything but blind faith. Over the past four years, Obama's birth has been thoroughly documented and verified and re-verified. Below is a collection of many, but still not all, of the documentary evidence supporting Obama's 1961 birth in Honolulu.

Barack Obama Was Born in Hawaii


  1. On July 15th, 2011 President Obama said, "I'll be turning 50 in a week"= July 22nd is his birthday. I believe he made a freudian slip and revealed his true date of birth. I also believe that Hawaii is hiding an amended Obama birth record. Did anyone notice that Hawaii didn't certify Obama's date of birth to Arizona? One thing has been shown- the Dreams book is a fictional narrative of the first two years of Obama's life. There was no happy couple living in Hawaii and it is doubtful there was any wedding either as no marriage license has ever been found-
    We know that kapiolani hospital ket a hand written journal of every woman who was admitted to their maternity ward- names, date and time. the hospital has declined to certify that Obama was bron in their hospital or that his mother was admitted into their maternity ward.
    On April 27th, 2011 the Obama scanned birth certificate was released- Obama said that others had examined it (lay people) and it was real, but Obama was careful to not say it was , really his.
    Obama has a cerificate of life birth and a certification of live birth-why both? Hawaii has tried to muddy the water on this-- it is revealing.
    Sheriff Arpaio has proven that those newspaper announcements were printed even for a child who was born overseas and had their birth registered late in Hawaii-
    it's too bad a reported didn't interview Mrs Dunham, the grandmother, before she died.

    1. @IBEW-Wireman maybe this link to History Commons would answer all your "birther" questions... At least it should for anyone in doubt, unless they are unable or unwilling to accept reality...


      Or maybe another dispassionate investigative source...


      I doubt even these links to facts you can tear at will help you ultimately find the reality of this issue, but at least I've tried... Oh well...

    2. Re "Sheriff Joe has proved..."


  2. More to "Sheriff Joe has proved...."