Monday, June 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi: Natural Born Citizen?

When Birthers fantasize about what would happen if Obama were removed from office, they tend to ultimately put Senator Robert Byrd in the Oval Office. Joe Biden is deemed ineligible because he was elected as Obama's running-mate, and Nancy Pelosi is deemed ineligible due to some pseudo-legalistic arguments surrounding her signature on Obama's qualification form.

Curiously, in the seventeen months since Obama took office, I've never yet seen a Birther ask or answer what I should think would be a top priority for them: is Nancy Pelosi a "natural born citizen"?

After all, Birthers can talk a blue streak about why Obama's dual citizenship at birth or his father's citizenship makes him Constitutionally ineligible under their fabricated definitional scheme, but no one ever applies that to Speaker Pelosi.

The reason that is so curious is because, like Obama, Nancy Pelosi is the daughter of an immigrant. Her mother, Annunciata M. Lombardi, was born in Italy in 1909, and immigrated to the United States as a child.

Pelosi's paternal grandfather was also an Italian immigrant, and thus like Tom Tancredo, Pelosi may possess Italian citizenship.

Now I've checked, and in the 1930 census, Pelosi's mother is listed as a naturalized citizen. But I had to research that myself; Pelosi's mother's origins are publicly known, but no Birther has ever expended any effort to learn when or whether Annunciata naturalized. Birthers did not subject Pelosi to their "natural born citizen" standard and, after historical research, find her satisfactory; no, instead they've never bothered to check at all.

And thus, Birthers accidentally betray the truth. The reason they have never checked the citizenship of Nancy Pelosi's parents is because the citizenship of Nancy Pelosi's parents doesn't matter. Not Constitutionally, at least. And neither does the citizenship of Barack Obama's parents, or of any President's parents for the past two centuries. That's why prior to 2008, even the Birthers themselves never concerned themselves with the citizenship of the parents of Presidential candidates. Birthers have created an imaginary definition that they say disqualifies Obama, but they can't manage to employ it consistently even now.


  1. Why would anyone care if Pelosi is a NBC or not? She simply has to be a US Citizen to hold her office - which she is. For the life of me, I cannot see why birthers would have any need or any thought to question her eligibility qualifications. Now, I can see where many would question her sanity - but that's a different issue.

    To your point, no one asked to see Bush's BC, or Clinton's, or Carter's....but in your knee jerk reaction - trying to obfuscate the issue - you've failed to understand the situation.

    No one checked Bush's, Clinton's or Carter's because these men had a fairly high media profile, where the public was generally aware of these men's family and their history. Obama basically appeared out of no where, with NO historical media coverage, with NO well-known family ties - other than what we have now discovered are questionable family ties. Then there are all sorts of twists and turns in his past that he is neither willing to share or will allow access to. His mother had a checkered past - and radical/extreme connections in foreign countries - most notably is the strong tie to Geithner's father and the Ford Foundation. Furthermore, we have Obama traveling to another country to campaign (while he was a Senator in this country) who has vastly different political ideologies than that of the US. I'm a woman and I'm not particularly excited about Sharia Law - perhaps you are a man and seeing as how it won't affect you, could care less.

    Finally, we have the president himself declaring to be a dual-born citizen of both the US and Britain. How many other past presidents claimed to have been governed by another country at their birth?

    Trying to create an obscure argument involving Pelosi is disingenuous at best - surely you have better arguments to prop up Obama than Pelosi!

    However, as I stated earlier - you're missing the point. It's NOT about Obama - it's about who comes after him. It's about the precedent he is setting for who could use his presidency to state that they now qualify for POTUS. It's a VERY dangerous road we are going down and most people - such as yourself - simply cannot see the forest for the Pelosi trees.

  2. Wrong. President Obama had been a public figure since he was named chief editor of the Harvard Law Review in the early 1990s. He then wrote an autobiographical book, which was extensively reviewed and never went out of print, and had a long career in Illinois state politics before he ran for national office. If anything, we know *more* about his early life and background than about previous Presidents because his autobiography was written prior to his running for national office and thus is not the usual "as told to" puff piece.

    As for his mother's "checkered past" - wrong again. It's quite straightforward: she married an African student, got divorced, then married an Indonesian student, got divorced, and did fieldwork and research in Asia while pursuing a graduate degree. It's no more "checkered" than Bill Clinton accepting that Rhodes Scholarship to study in Britain, and then choosing to go back to Arkansas despite an education that would seemingly have equipped him for work at an elite East Coast law firm.

    The difference is, of course, that Stanley Dunham was a woman who broke the taboo about white women marrying non-white men, and gave birth to biracial children. If she had married Jens Palma from Stockholm and then Helmuth Fischbein from Hamburg, no one would have cared, and you birthers would have needed a different ridiculous conspiracy to latch onto.

  3. Wikipedia states Ms. Pelosi (D'Alesandro) was born in Maryland. You, yourself claim the following: "Now I've checked, and in the 1930 census, Pelosi's mother is listed as a naturalized citizen."

    And Wikipedia also states:
    Birth Date: 03/26/1940
    Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

    "Pelosi's father, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr., served as Mayor of Baltimore for 12 years, after representing the city for five terms in Congress. Her brother, Thomas D'Alesandro III, also served as Mayor of Baltimore."

    I am confident Ms. Pelosi is a citizen - - a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Both her parents were US Citizens at the time of her birth and SHE WAS BORN IN THE US!

    However, many other California legislators are NOT SO PROVEABLE. See my webpage about possible illegal aliens holding office in California:

    See my two webpage at:

    and also at: