Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fake Certificates, Fake Court Cases, and Fake News

Lucas Smith is, among other things, a novelist. Supposedly. On his YouTube profile, Smith says he "Penned my first book in the year 2002 and went on to publish it the year 2005. Murder By Tejuana & Treachery By Bush And The Supreme Court: A document in the form of a novel, Volume 1 of 4."

A couple of years ago, he created a Wikipedia page about this book. It was eventually deleted, but Deletionpedia saved it.

Various details are included about the plot and whatnot, but the most interesting section is "Litigation concerning this book." There, he writes:

The manuscript of this book was originally banned from publication by a US District Court whose ruling was affirmed by a US Circuit Court of Appeals. Due to a US Supreme Court ruling, this book was allowed to be published provided it would be "...published as a work of fiction..."

There is no Supreme Court case with that quote. I checked. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases he mentions here simply don't exist. Given that he provides no citations or details as to any of these three cases, there's no reason to believe that any of them ever actually existed.

Similarly, in August 2007, Smith added citations to two supposed Australian newspaper articles about his book. As far as I can tell, neither of those articles are real either.

So to anyone inclined to believe that Smith really possesses secret evidence that supports his claims, remember that he's manufactured and promoted other fake stories in the recent past.


  1. And let's not forget, he tried to sell a kidney, threw hot oil on coworkers at (I believe) a McDonalds he used to work at, was busted for forgery, and is a convicted felon.

    Loren, thanks for the update on Lying Lucas.

  2. Wow! Nothing to find about Tejuana Chantay Cunningham. I searched for an hour and could find no information about poor Tejuana. Gee, you don't suppose "I Lucas Smith" is making all this up, do you? Nooooooooooo, he wouldn't be making up stuff? It's kind of interesting Wordlingo, a translation site, has the exact same information, word for word, as the deleted Wikipedia page. Huh. Go figure! When I Googled the title, I came across a dead Freeper link, another Freeper link featuring several post from "I Lucas Smith", and a link to the that slammed Scammer Smith, and, of course, the Youtube page of "I Lucas Smith". Poor, sad, little, lonely Lucas.

  3. Loren, has Peoria, IL, popped up at all in your research of Lucas?

    I remember months ago something, and for the life of me, I can't reconstruct it - a PO box in Peoria perhaps, where he could be reached?

    I found this:;article=127456

    The IP shown is in Peoria, and gets a lot of hits. But this Ralph C. Whitley character is supposed to be in Tampa, FL.

    So of course I am trying to link the IP to the email shown at the link above, which was an argument between Jim Byrne (aka mocorrupt, James at Dr. C's, Paully, BIRTHER, whistleblower, etc.) and makahayan, that happened over at Lucas' little You Tube club.

    I do remember that when I came across something mentioning Peoria before, I was researching Jim Byrne at the time, and I remember looking at Yahoo maps and noticing that Peoria was not too close to where Byrne supposedly is, Fenton, MO.

  4. Loren, I have found the Peoria link I was looking for.