Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Back

I've had a few blogs over the years, and during the first month of this year, I posted more often on this one than I ever had on any other. But after the inauguration, I found my verve lacking a bit. The President had taken office, Dr. Conspiracy and the folks over at Yes to Democracy were doing a bang-up job of taking on the conspiracy theories, and I naively thought that the controversy would soon die away.

Plus, given the fact that I'm not actually a political supporter of Obama himself or his policies, I didn't feel much political compulsion to keep writing.

But the rumors haven't ceased, the lawsuits haven't stopped, and the conspiracy-mongering has only grown in the last four months. Fox News' Shepard Smith brought it home to me the other day with this:

With a problem this big, I can't simply sit on the sidelines when there clearly need to be more voices of reason to combat the lies and nonsense that fume and fester around these issues. With thousands of people misinformed, one more spokesman for reason alongside Shepard Smith and Dr. Conspiracy can only help.

I don't do this because I'm a Democrat, because I'm not one. I don't do this because I support Obama's policies, because by and large, I don't. I do it because I'm a patriot, and because I'm a conservative. If conservatism is to have any future in this country, it is not down the road of conspiracies, lies, and a refusal to accept facts and listen to reason.

And in that way, the Birther movement is the opposite of everything conservatism stands for. That is why I do this.

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