Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kenyan Birth Evidence to be Released,,...

Conspiracy theories love vagueness and ambiguity. Specifics and details, which lay the foundation of our evidence-based world, can be proven or disproven. But it's hard to pin down insinuations and supposed secrets as being 'wrong.' JFK and C.S. Lewis died on the same day; coincidence, or something more??

So I'm always happy to see a theory with real details. Things like alleged quotes, published sources, or times and dates. Needless to say, this story made me happy:

A private investigator in Hawaii has uncovered the divorce decree for Barack Obama's father and mother, which indicates they had "one child under the age of eighteen, born in Kenya." That is the report of Ed Hale of, an Internet radio site which has focused upon the natural born Citizen challenges to Obama's presidential eligibility.

Hale announced this during his evening Internet broadcast on, Tuesday, 12/30 and confirmed it with I.O. in an online interview, later that night. He reported that certified copies of this documentation have been sent from Hawaii by the investigator to himself and four others. Hale is to receive his copy today, Wednesday, 12/31 and plans to post it graphically on the site, during the day. He will also discuss this on a special Internet broadcast, between 6pm and 10pm Central Time, tonight.

Posted on 'Investigating Obama,' Dec. 31, 2008

A promise of real, physical evidence! Not just oral, unrecorded, undated statements made by strangers to unknown parties, but actual legal paper! And its contents are actually quoted, not paraphrased! And it's being released today! I don't even have to wait indefinitely until he decides to share his secret explosive evidence.

Of course, that was too good to be true. The story has already been updated with the following:

[I.O., 12/31, 2:30pm CT: Ed Hale has sent an email stating that his delivery has been delayed until Friday, 1/2. We wait another day for what he has to show. We can be patient in light of how long we wait for Barack Obama to admit the truth of his ineligibility per Article II (and show us the whole truth of his actual Hawaiian birth certificate, besides).]

The story's only 24 hours old, and the release date has already been pushed off another 48 hours. Will we see, well, anything in two days? Tune in Friday, same Barack time, same Barack channel...

Meanwhile, as we wait, let's see what else the article has to offer:

Hale said some of the information one would expect to find was not available. For example, documentation from Obama's mother, Stanley Ann's divorce to her second husband, Lolo Soetoro had vanished. Hale speculates, the reason this forthcoming 1964 divorce decree had not also been "scrubbed" could be that the divorce had been filed not by Obama's mother, but by Barack H. Obama, Sr. Thus, it may have been overlooked by any plumbers for Obama.

Conspiracy folks are more entertaining when you assume they're just ignorant, or crazy, or misinformed. It's just less fun when you have to view them as flat-out liars. Here, for instance. Not only have the Soetoro divorce records NOT vanished, they're posted on Philip Berg's website. The Complaint, Summons, and Order...all there. Berg hasn't even produced half the proof he claims to have in hand, but he's still posted this.

So rather than focus on the dishonesty here, I'd rather reflect on the recurring trait of conspiracy theorists that's on display. And that's that consistency is not among their virtues.

Hale does admit to incomplete certainty of his investigator's work until he receives it, partially due to the PI's accent, the telephone connection, and his slight hearing impediment. However, he is very confident of what he will receive during the day. Mark S. McGrew, who writes about Obama's natural born Citizen problems for, accompanied Hale in his broadcast and also expressed confidence.

Pravda? The same folks who accuse Obama of being a communist are relying on a Pravda writer? I know it's not the same publication, but that's still funny.

Anyhow, here we see Hale hedging his bets already. Not only has he already delayed the release of his papers for another two days, but he's taken additional steps to insulate himself for when the inevitable happens. First, as previously mentioned in the article, the real source here is an anonymous investigator, not Hale himself. Again, vagueness. Second, Hale has managed to list three different excuses he could fall back on when the paper fails to materialize. Naturally, if Hale does blame it on a miscommunication, the truly motivated curious would want to talk to the investigator, but of course, Hale conveniently hasn't shared his name.

In any case, I'm looking forward to what Friday brings (or, as it may, doesn't bring).

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