Friday, October 7, 2011

Where are the Herman Cain Birthers?

Since November 2008, Joseph Farah has wanted Barack Obama to quell Farah's doubts about Obama's eligibility. Among his reasons for being skeptical from the very beginning: the lack of a produced long-form birth certificate, the identity of the birth hospital, and conflicting reports on the specific location of his birth.

Now in 2011, a new election is around the corner, and Farah has a new "favorite" candidate: Herman Cain.

Curiously, however, Mr. Farah is failing to exact the same level of scrutiny upon Cain as he did upon Obama. We have no proof of where Cain was born at all. We haven't seen Cain's long form birth certificate, or even his short form. We don't know what hospital he was born in. We have no proof of who his parents were. We haven't seen any birth announcements, hospital records, school records, college records, passport records, medical records, or baptism records.

"But," as the objection is liable to be, "there is no doubt or question as to where Herman Cain was born." Really? There isn't?

According to various news stories, Herman Cain was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Similarly, according to Wikipedia, Herman Cain was born in Memphis, although no authority is provided for this assertion. Indeed, for years, Wikipedia flatly stated that Mr. Cain was born in Georgia.

And it was not just Wikipedia that claimed Herman Cain's birthplace was in Georgia, rather than its neighbor to the north. To wit:

Nation's Restaurant News - 1988
But the unfamiliar has seldom proved to be a hurdle for the Atlanta-born 42-year-old, who broke into food service only six years ago as a "Whopper flopper," manning the grill at a Burger King unit.
Yahoo News
But the crowd was waiting for the official announcement from Atlanta-born Cain himself.
Born in Atlanta, Cain cooked up a career that landed him in the position of CEO of the National Restaurant Association.
The Fiscal Times
The Georgia-born Cain, the only African-American GOP candidate, has had broad experience as a businessman, media celebrity and fiscal expert.
Cartersville Patch
Is Georgia-born Herman Cain ready for the grueling spotlight of a presidential campaign?
Los Angeles Times
Not to be outdone in the canine arena, Georgia-born businessman Cain criticized...
New York Sun
Mr. Cain is a Southern man, born in Georgia, who probably has a better understanding of the Bull Connors of the world than the Harlem native Mr. Rangel.
Cain was born in Georgia and grew up there.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Back in May, when Georgia native Herman Cain announced his campaign for the presidency...
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia native and tea party favorite Herman Cain
WSB Radio
While Herman Cain's popularity is increasing outside Georgia, the Atlanta native is the runaway leader in his home state.
Peach Pundit
The other Georgian in the race claims to have been born in Georgia, though birthers haven’t yet started asking for his birth certificate. Herman Cain most recently has been a talk show host for WSB radio in Atlanta, but also has served as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and executive positions with Pillsbury and Coca Cola.
Indeed, this alone represents far more American news sources that disagree about Cain's birthplace than have ever disagreed about Obama's. WorldNetDaily regularly argues that there were inconsistent reports as to what hospital Obama was born in; but news sources, major news sources, cannot even agree on what state Mr. Cain was born in.

When, then, can we expect Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily, and the rest of the Birther community to hold Herman Cain to the same standard they have applied to President Obama for the last three years? When are they going to demand that Herman Cain prove his eligibility for the Presidency? When are they going to start asking "Where's Herman Cain's Birth Certificate?"


  1. Loren,

    Actually, I have looked at Herman Cain's natural born Citizen credentials, and I see no reason to question them. Unlike Obama, who, on the face of his official state issued birth certificate offers at least a prima facie case of being unable to meet the Minor court's precedent of an A2S1C5 nbC; wouldn't you agree?

    If I am wrong in this regard, please let me know and I will take a second look at it, as I am now doing with Mitt Romney.


    Do you believe Mitt Romney is an A2S1C5 nbC or is he not?

    At the present time, I don't think he is, and I am thinking very seriously about submitting a second challenge against him tomorrow.

    Let me know if you are going to file as soon as possible.

    ex animo

  2. davidfarrar,
    Instead of wasting your money filing court challenges to things you don't understand, why don't you donate it to the Humane Society (or a local animal shelter)? Helping animals should be non-political enough for your support.